How to cite the IDF_CC Tool?

Computerized Tool for the Development of Intensity-Duration-Frequency Curves under Climate Change – Version 7.5

IDF_CC is a publically available web-based intensity-duration-frequency tool to update and adapt local extreme rainfall statistics to climate change. The IDF_CC tool is pre-loaded with 898 Environment and Climate Change Canada rain stations. Users can select any rain station with 10 or more years of data and develop IDF curves based on historical data and curves adjusted to reflect climate change. The tool also allows the development of IDF curves for ungauged locations in Canada. The User's and Technical Manuals (available for download from the Help menu) provide details on how to use the tool and the methodology used to develop the tool.

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We also encourage you to check out the user manual and technical documentation available in the Help section.

How to cite this tool: Simonovic, S.P., A. Schardong, R. Srivastav, and D. Sandink (2015), IDF_CC Web-based Tool for Updating Intensity-Duration-Frequency Curves to Changing Climate – ver 7.5, Western University Facility for Intelligent Decision Support and Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction, open access

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IDFs for Gauged Locations

IDFs for gauged locations

IDF curves based on observations at stations operated by Environment Canada and created by the user.


IDFs for Ungauged Locations

IDFs for ungauged locations

IDF curves for ungaged locations based on the gridded dataset.


IDF_CC Tool 7.5